Katie C. Grubbs
I moved to the Bay Area for an MFA in Animation and VFX, but began working as a freelance filmmaker in 2017. Off set I have learned to wear many hats; editor, producer, compositor and VFX artist. On set, I'm an Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Assistant Camera, Cam op, Grip or Craft Services. I prefer editing narrative stories and find it incredibly fulfilling to hear an audience enjoy my projects whether in a festival or at a screening.

Lately I have been moonlighting for 3GirlsTheatre, where I just finished a full year of handling their videography. I have also been teaching filmmaking to ND students, adults and children, in my work with another nonprofit, Futures Explored. Lastly, my close friends whom I’ve worked with for years are finishing our first fully independent feature length film, Dead in Love, which will be heading to festivals in early August.

When I’m not working with clients or Dark Rainbow, I’m watching wrestling with my husband, playing with my adorable cat, gaming, watching movies or anime, hanging out with friends and enjoying a good pint of brew.